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UK Pro GoPro-Specific POV BlackPak Case
Price: $399.95
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Ever wonder how some directors can make such stunning videos with just a GoPro This is their dirty little secret: the GoPro-Specific POV BlackPak Case by UK Pro includes everything you'll need to start making your videos look professional. The only two empty foam cavities you'll find in the UK Pro POV HardCase are the ones for your GoPro camera(s); all the rest are filled with enough goodies to make you go pro. The Aqualite 90 video light is powered by the included Lithium-ion batteries and can be recharged by the universal USB charger. Entirely submersible, you can take the Aqualite 90 wherever your hobbies take you. The Flex Grip video arm can fit the Aqualite 90 on one of its two mounts when you aren't capturing dual-angled shots with both your GoPro cameras mounted in opposing directions. Fully pivoting and extendable, the Flex Grip will never hinder your creativity to capture unique and spectacular angles. After an awesome day of action filming, pack away and latch your gear in the impact-resistant case, throw your accessories in the lid pouch, and throw on the neoprene shoulder strap to easily carry your gear back home for a long editing session.