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3T Brezza II Team Aerobar 3T Brezza II Team Aerobar

When you're time trialing, you're there to lay it all on the line. And when you're pushing your body to the edge of your physical limits, it's not unreasonable to expect the same of your equipment. 3T has been outfitting professionals for long enough to know this, and the Brezza II Team Aerobar...

Price: $749.95

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3T Eryx LTD Handlebar 3T Eryx LTD Handlebar

3T has long been in the business of making innovative handlebars, staking their claim to the market in the early 1960's. That tradition continues today, though steel and alloy have fallen out of favor for their top-end products. 3T makes their top-of-the-line Eryx LTD Carbon Handlebar with high...

Price: $149.95

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3T Tornova LTD Handlebar 3T Tornova LTD Handlebar

It's been more than 50 years since 3T built its first handlebar, and in that time, the Italian brand has learned a thing or two about what riders need. That makes the 3T Tornova LTD Handlebar particularly noteworthy. By combining the aesthetics of its classic bend bars, with subtle ergonomic...

Price: $399.95

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3T Ventus II Limited Handlebar 3T Ventus II Limited Handlebar

The iconic Ventus won gold and silver in the 2008 Beijing time trial. You'd think that accolades like that would be enough of a reason to keep the Ventus just as it is. However, 3T doesn't rest on its laurels. It completely renewed the aerobar with a redesign that is sure to make the Ventus II as...

Price: $1260.00
Sale Price: $755.95

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