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ENVE Classic 45 Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
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Not too many years ago, carbon-rimmed clinchers were only a dream for many manufacturers. By now, most have something in their collection, but often the wheels are just heavier, less reliable clincher versions of a popular tubular wheelset. Turning that trend around, the ENVE Classic 45 Carbon Clincher Wheelset has been specially designed to offer the best qualities of deep carbon rims -- that they're light, super aero, and fast -- while providing all the practical benefits of clinchers. Though ENVE takes care to develop and test their clinchers and tubulars independently, both versions are lavished with the same amount of care and innovation. The 45 Carbon Clinchers are not the ginger-haired stepchild of the 45mm tubular, quite the contrary. They have a highly developed braking surface, and this is the key element that makes them so attractive. The poor overall braking properties of most carbon rims have been a huge and legitimate stumbling block for consumers. In reality, nobody wants to spend extra money to go faster only to find that you can't properly slow down when necessary. Seeing this conundrum, ENVE uses the latest aerospace grade high temperature resin and carbon fiber system so that the carbon brake surface can immediately respond to braking action and not build up excessive heat over time. So yeah, this is rocket science after all. It has largely been possible because ENVE has been aided by a grant from the state of Utah, and they've been given access to the test facilities at the Utah Center for Aeronautical Innovation. That's a mouthful, and it is as impressive and unusual as it sounds. A lot of the hype surrounding ENVE Wheels relates as much to their products as it does to wheels from other manufacturers. Recognizing that the world does not need another line of average wheels, ENVE spends considerable time testing their carbon rims alongside rims from competing manufacturers. That, they believe, is the only reliable way to be sure that they'...