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Kuat Alpha-3 Bike Rack
Price: $295.00
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Loading bikes for road trips shouldn't be so laborious that it takes away from your riding mojo. The lightweight Kuat Alpha-3 Bike Rack ensures you don't throw your back out when loading up for a long weekend in Moab. Compatible with two-inch receivers (trailer hitches), this 13-pound rack secures up to three bikes while you shuttle your crew through several states to a dirt-lovers' paradise. Heat-treated aluminum chassis withstands road abuse, folds up for storage, and tilts downward for access to your vehicle's trunkAnti-sway carriages reduce banging and damage during the last bumpy miles on a dirt roadHitch lock, security bolts, and an integrated cable lock keep your prized machines from getting stolen in random truck-stop parking lotsHand-tight cam system makes for easy loading and unloading