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Mavic Ksyrium SLS Road Wheelset - Tubular
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The Ksyrium SLS Tubular Road Wheelset is the latest update to Mavic's signature Ksyrium wheelset collection. The Ksyrium line has developed a strong following for its supreme blend of light weight, fantastic ride quality, and value. Naturally, the Ksyrium SLS is strong and responsive. But Mavic wasn't content to leave well enough alone, so it designed the SLS in conjunction with its Yksion GripLink and PowerLink tubular tires to optimize your ride experience. The result is race-day light, but durable enough for daily use. The Ksyrium SLS rims are made with Mavic's Maxtal aluminum. They're joined with an SUP arc weld on the seam, so the rims have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than conventional alloy rims. The SUP weld also makes for zero brake chatter where the seam is welded. To add to the stiffness of the rim, FORE drilling is used on the lower rim bridge, leaving the upper bridge intact so the spoke nipples are threaded in from the bottom only, which increases the stiffness of the rim by 20 percent. To further strengthen the rim and shed unnecessary weight, Mavic uses a technology called Inter Spoke Milling (ISM) 3D. This means that the rim is finished with a milled braking surface, which improves braking friction and eliminates brake shudder. The Ksyrium SLS wheelset rolls on Mavic carbon and alloy hubs. The oversized, black carbon-bodied front hub uses aluminum flanges to add stiffness to the wheel. Both hubs use double-sealed, C3 cartridge bearings, which are micro-adjustable. For more stability in the rear hub, Mavic uses FTS-L reinforcement between the pawl and hub body, which means two stainless steel inserts add strength to the interface without a significant weight penalty. Black, bladed, straight pull Zicral aluminum spokes lace to the rim in a radial pattern on the front. The rear hub uses Mavic's Isopulse lacing design -- radial on the drive-side and a two-cross pattern on the non-drive side. The combination of spoke pattern and spokes makes f...