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Pedro's Super Prestige Floor Pump Pedro's Super Prestige Floor Pump

Pedro's knows that pro bike mechanics are tough on their tools. That's why there's the Pedro's Super Prestige Bike Pump: simple, stable, and durable. This road / mountain bike pump's aluminum barrel stands up to the knocks and dings of the shop, and the sleek wooden handle feels comfortable in...

Price: $64.95

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Silca Aluminum Disc Chuck Silca Aluminum Disc Chuck

If you've spent any time at the velodrome, or at the start of a time trial, you've most likely heard the term "crack-pipe" at one point or another, which usually gets an odd look from the uninitiated. And, while there could be a "doping" reference in there somewhere, what the riders are referring...

Price: $30.00

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Silca Side Lever Locking Disc Chuck Silca Side Lever Locking Disc Chuck

Dialing in pressure on disc wheels can be a nightmare, but it becomes a dream with Silca's Side Lever Locking Disc Chuck. The side lever lets you lock it onto the valve stem in disc wheels, while the rotating head allows for easy alignment of the chuck and valve stem, helping to eliminate hose...

Price: $100.00

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Silca SuperPista Ultimate Pump Silca SuperPista Ultimate Pump

The Silca Superpista Ultimate Pump is a craftsman's delight that will make the daily task of pumping your tires a little less arduous. This work of art is fabricated with a stainless steel barrel and hardware that is machined to minute tolerances. Inside the barrel, the Silca leather washer moves...

Price: $445.00

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