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Assos SS.Uno_s7 Jersey - Men's
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Since its inception, Assos has been the leading innovator in cycling apparel. Racking up patent after patent, while continually developing new textiles, Assos has never been content with new designs just for the sake of new graphics. That's why we're excited to introduce the new SS. Uno_s7 Jersey. The SS. Uno features textiles, patterns, and technologies that make it the best fitting jersey on the market. The SS. Uno jersey is a must for anyone looking for the best apparel that money can buy. The Assos SS. Uno is constructed from four textiles, 15 patterns, and 12 components. The short sleeve jersey also features the new custom Assos fabric, Type. vX121, on the front and rear panels. Type . vX121 is designed for the SS. Uno. It's constructed from a two- surface, triple microfiber filament that forms a single-layer fabric with unique push/pull characteristics. The proprietary textile performs multiple roles at once; keeping you dry, cool, comfortable, and blocked from the wind. Type . vX121 is not only incredibly light, but it dries 34% faster than the previous generation Assos Plasma fabric. Building off of the legendary mod. Uni jersey, the SS. Uno reflects years of constant evolution towards the goal of the perfect jersey. Features like the ultra-thin spandex shoulder panels are shared today with the SS. Uno; only Assos has now perfected the fit. The SS. Uno features a pre-shaped anatomical fit that "clicks-on" once zipped. To allow free movement, Assos has tailored the short sleeve jersey to move with your body through any cycling position. Thanks to the limited stretch of the back panel, no stabilizer panel is needed on the rear of the jersey. The SS. Uno has three rear pockets, with a fourth zip side pocket for MP3 players. The entire jersey has a permanent antibacterial treatment to protect against material degradation from sweat. The jersey also offers UV 50 protection, and has reflective edges on the rear pockets. The Assos SS. Uno_s7 Jersey is avail...