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Bianchi Oltre XR.2 Road Bike Frameset - 2014
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Improving on something that's already been scrupulously refined is never easy, but Bianchi somehow managed to do just that with its new top-end road machine. It's called the Oltre XR. 2, and it's the same frame put to the test by the Vacansoleil-DCM riders last season, which, not surprisingly, possesses the same production quality, reliability, and sheer beauty Bianchi has consistently delivered for more than 125 years. The new Oltre XR. 2 Road Bike Frame exemplifies these traditional values to the fullest, as it was designed for the competitive rider who's looking for a bike that's fast, light, versatile, and more aerodynamic than its predecessor. For this year's iteration of the Oltre, Bianchi went beyond the "beyond" of last year by increasing rigidity, and improving its aerodynamic properties. The XR. 2 wears the same carbon layup that's exclusive to the XR, which is a selective blend of UMS 40 and CN60 carbon fibers. Outside of these materials, you can expect the same sophisticated production methods that make this version of the Oltre Bianchi's fastest race bike in its 125 year history. The frame was made stronger by using Carbon NanoTube technology, which increases the strength and fracture-resistance by 49% compared to using standard epoxy resin systems. As unlikely as it may sound, these benefits come without adding appreciable weight. Along with the nanotubes, there are other hidden details that further the race characteristics of the frame. The Oltre uses something Bianchi calls X-Tex technology. The carbon fiber has an X-shaped grid inside the bottom bracket area and behind the head tube. This is done with an internal molding process that eliminates excess resin. The result is added strength and stiffness that barely affects the weight. Bianchi's Wrinkleless Molding Process guarantees that all of the composite layers are uniformly compressed to ensure that no voids disturb the laminate. This produces an internal finish that's as smooth as the outsi...