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Veloflex Corsa Clincher Tire Veloflex Corsa Clincher Tire

Sure, tubular tires are preferred for racing, but they aren't practical for everyday training or long century tours. Who wants to replace a glued tired by the side of the road and then hope it doesn't roll on the ride home? The Veloflex Corsa Clincher is an ideal clincher for those who want a...

Price: $75.00

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Veloflex Criterium Tubular Tire Veloflex Criterium Tubular Tire

Criterium racing is adrenaline on two wheels. You have to let go of fear and get out front, corner hard and sprint with everything that have, and that's just in the first five minutes of the race. Basically, this style of racing solidifies why you need Veloflex's Criterium Tubular. This is a tire...

Price: $125.00

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