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Maxxis Ardent L.U.S.T./UST Tires - 29in Maxxis Ardent L.U.S.T./UST Tires - 29in

Big, tough, and smooth all at once, the Maxxis Ardent L. U. S. T./UST 29in Tires give the large-wheeled crowd trail-smoothing volume and confidence-inspiring traction. With aggressive blocky side tread and ramped center knobs, the Ardent TR corners like a boss and stops on a dime while...

Price: $70.00

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Maxxis Ardent Tire - 29in Maxxis Ardent Tire - 29in

The Maxxis Ardent Tire is a long-time favorite of just about anyone who rides bikes with a cross-country lean. It can be considered an aggressive XC race tire, and you'll see it used as a front tire a lot in that arena. It's also a fantastic rear tire in more trail-oriented usage, where it's...

Price: $57.00
Sale Price: $45.00

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