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Zero RH + Vertical Bib Tights - Men's - Men's
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The designers at Zero RH know that sometimes an understated, minimally-paneled bib tight design works most effectively when insulated and medium-weight fabrics are involved. With fewer seams to get in the way, the materials are able to stretch and conform to the cyclist's body much more naturally than if they were sewn into smaller sections. Such is the case with the new Vertical Bib Tights, as they use smooth panels of Zero RH's top materials to comfortably wrap and shield your legs from the elements out there on the road this winter. The secret to the Vertical bib tights' warmth is the Icedry Gold 200 fabric construction. This material employs a raised lining that creates a protective, warming microclimate next to your skin. However, since moisture created by your body can destroy that microclimate, Icedry directs sweat to the outer surface of the fabric where it's quickly evaporated. The 200 in the name of the fabric denotes its weight. Of Zero RH's Icedry variations, this is the middle-weight option, making it warm enough for high-output riding in low, winter temperatures. Additionally, the fabric's substantial weight provides a good measure of muscle-holding, compressive support. And because the overall comfort of a pair of bib tights means next to nothing without a quality insert, the Vertical bib tights feature RH's exclusive Regular Man chamois. This insert features high-density foam that evenly distributes pressure as you move in the saddle. We also want to point out that Zero RH constructs these bib tights on a curve, which ensures that the chamois conforms to the body's shape while in the cycling position. Gradual Fit straps secure a proper anatomic fit. Also, the lower back of the bib tights has been made from a breathable mesh that keeps you from overheating. To ease entry and exit of the tights, Zero RH has included ankle zips with a locking design. This way, you don't have to worry about having to constantly zip them down while riding. Th...