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Mavic Wool Blend Base Layer - Long-Sleeve - Men's - Men's
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With all of the technologically advanced synthetic fabrics available, why should you choose wool for your winter base layer Well, wool is water-repellent, antimicrobial, and insulating. In the heart of winter, a base layer that does all three, such as Mavic's Wool Blend long Sleeve Base Layer is always the perfect choice. Wool is, by its nature, an insulating fabric. But just how does it keep your core temperature regulated It's a hydrophilic fabric. This means that it holds up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it exudes the feeling of wetness. If you've even been outside in the winter with wet skin or hair, you know how chilly it gets. By keeping moisture away from your skin and helping move it to the surface of your jersey or jacket, wool keeps you dry. Dryness in the cold equals warmth. Additionally, wool is antimicrobial. Go ahead, wear it for several days -- you won't even stink a little. Now even though wool is essentially a magic fabric, it needs a little help to hold its shape. Mavic added a stretch knit to the base layer so that the arms won't feel baggy after a long day in the saddle and the hem won't stretch southward. Mavic's base layer features a 1/4-zip neck so that you can unzip it if your efforts get hard and you start to steam. The raglan sleeves fit comfortably under a long sleeve jersey or jacket without constricting movement and an elongated back keep sit tucked into your winter bib tights. Mavic's Wool Blend Long Sleeve Base Layer is available in sizes Small to X-Large and in the color Black.