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Reynolds MTN 27.5 XC Carbon Wheelset
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If you're on the 27. 5-inch wheel train, you probably found yourself there by trying to squeeze every last possible advantage out of your setup, and the Reynolds MTN 27. 5 XC Carbon Wheelset may be exactly what you need to perfect the blend. At 1500g for a set, they're easily race light, even at the very highest levels of the sport. But Reynolds is staffed by riders, so the XC Carbon wheelset is built tough enough to do daily duty in the dirt. So whether you're trying to dust your buddies at the midweek races, or you're just looking to make the climbs a little easier, these puppies will fit the bill.The meat of Reynolds' new wheel lineup is the redesigned high modulus carbon XC rim. At a feathery 395g per rim, they'd be highly ineffective as paperweights. Thankfully, the cycling functionality hasn't suffered a bit. They're 29mm wide at the outside, and 21mm internal, and that generous width increases the volume of your tires, enabling lower pressures and providing a more stable platform for cornering. Tubeless compatibility has been continually refined, with an enhanced bead hook and a deeper middle section that makes tire swaps a bit easier. Naturally, they provide the characteristically damp ride you'd expect from a great set of carbon rims, meaning that the benefits extend far beyond weight and stiffness. Furthermore, the extensive aerodynamic expertise of the team at Reynolds is on full display, meaning that these carbon hoops cut through the air with a bare minimum of drag.They're laced to an all new Reynolds straight pull disc hub that utilizes replaceable endcaps, making them compatible with most modern axle standards. The rear hub employs a redesigned alloy freehub, which places the pawls in the hubshell, and in doing so, increases the size of the ratchet mechanism and thereby enhancing the durability. The hubshell is a straight pull affair, which improves stiffness and makes replacing broken spokes a snap when the time comes. While this wheelset is aim...