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Industry Nine Trail 29in Wheelset
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Getting up and over craggy, steep sections of trail requires short bursts of maximum torque at opportune moments. In other words, ratcheting. This places the highest load on two key, but little thought about components -- the pawls and the engagement ring. To counter this, Industry Nine uses a hardened A2 engagement ring with 60-teeth and six pawls in its Trail 29in Wheelset. This results in a design that's been tested to 700ft/lbs of torque -- roughly what a built diesel truck puts out -- and serious reassurance in those moments when you're maxed out. During steep, technical trail sections, quick engagement is also essential to cleaning them. Accordingly, Industry Nine's new Torch hubs incorporates a proprietary mechanism that features two sets of three pawls phased three degrees from each other. The Trail wheelset retains the same proprietary spoke and hub interface, but has received numerous advancements to the hub itself. The new Torch hubs are now compatible with all axle standards via separately available end caps. The big news, however, is within the hub. The Torch preserves the 120 points of contact and lightning-quick three degrees engagement that distinguished Industry Nine, only now, the pawls have two teeth instead of three. Along with that, a changed cantilever angle and shallower tooth profile on the hardened drive ring reduce drag for a less-restricted freehub. Remarkably, this occurs with the same holding power. And, that's not all that I9 did to improve the Torch. Its engineers removed the large bearing between the freehub body and shell, opting for smaller bearings directly between the body and shell. The reduced bearing size means less seal surface area that, along with a new silicone lip design, significantly reduces mechanical drag. The freehub is also now easier to remove for cleaning/lubing, and like before, the springs and pawls are captured. So, you won't be scrambling on a floor looking for small parts. Instead of steel spokes,...