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Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma XM Saddle
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When you set out to buy a new saddle, you'd like to be able to demo each and every one and put it through the wringer. But, that's not practical. So what do you do You rely on word of mouth and friend's recommendations. The Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma XM Saddle's praises are being sung loudly. The Aliante is constructed around Fi'zi:k's patented Twin Flex shell which helps the saddle achieve the perfect balance between lightness and comfort. Twin Flex is a 35 gram multidirectional carbon fiber shell that surrounds a 15 gram bi-directional carbon and Kevlar woven interior "hammock" resulting in a supremely comfortable saddle design that you sit 'in' as opposed to 'on.' Each Fi'zi:k saddle is designed around its Spine Concept fit. The Aliante is designed for the Bull -- the rider who rotates their pelvis forward which increases pressure on genitalia. The pocket in the Aliante cushions the soft tissue, while the paddles support the sit bones. Designed primarily for cross country mountain biking, the rails of the Aliante are K:ium, which, while slightly heavier, is stronger and more durable than carbon. The K:ium rails (pronounced "Koom," rhymes with zoom) offer a better ride than titanium rails. They're 8% lighter, have greater strength to weight ratio, and absorb more trail chatter. Adding silicone to the alloy provides vibration dampening. There is also some chromium content. It makes the rails nice and shiny and increases corrosion resistance, which helps with overall durability. The Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma XM saddle weighs 259grams and is available in one size in the color Black/black cordura.It features ICS compatability--Fi'zi:k taillights and saddle bags snap directly to the saddle rails so you don't have to fuss with rubber clamps or cumbersome straps.