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Fi'zi:k Tundra M3 Carbon Braided Saddle
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Fi'zi:k developed its Spine Concept Fit System to match riders with saddles that work in conjunction with individual flexibilities, not against them. If you flex easily to accommodate the ever changing positions necessary to move your bike any which way you desire, you're a snake. Fi'zi:k developed the Tundra M3 Saddle so that you'll have optimal support whenever you need it. Designed specifically for cross-country riders, the Tundra M3 features a long (290mm) and narrow (125mm) shape which facilitates moving fore and aft on the saddle as necessary, for climbing or descending. According to Fi'zi:k's Spine Concept Fit system, as a snake, you're able to minimize pressure to soft tissue areas by keeping your weight on your sit bones. The shell is fiberglass thermoplastic composite sheets which sandwich a layer of foam. This provides stiffness necessary to support sit bones while also allowing flex at the edges to reduce chafing. Fi'zi:k's Wingflex technology, which allows the sides of the saddle to move with your legs while keeping the top rigid, means that you'll transfer all your power to the pedals not to the saddle. These technologies combine for optimized stiffness-to-weight construction. The entire length of the Tundra is covered in microtex fabric. The Primary difference in the Tundra M3 and the Tundra M3 braided are indeed the rails. Using carbon rails in the M3 Braided makes for a 30 gram weight savings. The rails are constructed from braided carbon wrapped with another layer of carbon fiber cloth for greater durability. This also creates a rough surface for easy clamping. The ovalized shape of the rails -- 9mm tall by 7mm -- wide further increases their strength. Available in one size, the Tundra M3 weighs 165grams. It is available in Black/white/apple green.