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Jagwire Pro Mountain Derailleur Kit
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Lighter, faster, and more colorful -- all superlatives that confidently describe Jagwire's Pro Mountain Derailleur Kit. This kit features a compression-less, Kevlar-reinforced housing and a fully-lubricated Light Lube Liner (L3). And because of this, the housing is up to 30% lighter, and considerably stronger, than standard housings. But, let us not forget that you also have eight color choices. Of course, aesthetics are important, but only second to actual performance gains. And that's what you get with the Jagwire Pro Mountain Derailleur Kit. Its L3 technology adds lubricant to the already slippery Teflon-coated stainless steel cables. So, they glide through the housing in order to ensure effortless, snappy shifts. The Jagwire Ripcord DIY Derailleur Kit includes: Three lined ferrules, seven nosed ferrules, six cable donuts, one raincoat boot, two cable tips and 2100mm of sealing liner. The front cable measures 1500mm, and the rear 2100mm. 1800mm of housing is also provided, and it's compatible with both SRAM and Shimano mountain derailleurs. Choose between the colors White, Red, SID Blue, Pink, Maxxis Orange, Lime Green, Sterling Silver, and Black Carbon.