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3T Brezza II LTD Nano Handlebar 3T Brezza II LTD Nano Handlebar

When you're time-trialing, you want to be aero for every second of the race. Unless you're making a technical turn or on the start ramp, your elbows are down and your hands are wrapped around the extensions. This aero tuck position is equally as important for triathletes or track cyclists who...

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3T Brezza II Team Aerobar 3T Brezza II Team Aerobar

The Brezza II Team Aerobar is UCI-legal ???we???ll get that out of the way first, since it???s a defining characteristic in this category. It???s 3T???s pro-level aerobar, and is incredibly adjustable to help you find your perfect aero position. The armrests can be raised in increments of 10mm up...

Price: $749.95

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