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Light & Motion Stella 500 Light
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Staying safe on a night ride largely depends on your being able to see where you're going. And with the Light and Motion Stella 500 Light, visibility will be the least of your concerns. The whole package weighs in around 230 grams including a battery, so whether you're mounting it to your handlebar or to your helmet, you'll barely notice that it's there. And with 500 lumens bathing the trail in glorious light, your riding season just got a whole lot longer. The 500 designation associated with the Stella reflects its 500 lumen maximum output capacity. And for the uninitiated, 500 lumens is more than sufficient to illuminate your favorite trails in the dark. In fact, it's so bright that there's three lower output settings as well. Accordingly, the battery life of the Stella is thoroughly increased. For example, while the full 500 lumens may be necessary for descents and high speed trails, climbs and slower sections allow you to get by with a more moderate output. At 500 lumens, the Stella provides just over two-and-a-half hours of run time off of a full charge. Meanwhile, the medium setting puts out 275 lumens for 6 hours, and the low setting yields 140 lumens for 12 hours. But, sometimes the issue isn't seeing as much as it is being seen. In those cases, you're able to use a 140 lumen pulse setting, which keeps the light blinking for 24 hours. The Stella gets its power from a two cell lithium-ion battery. In combination with its svelte aluminum body, the complete light system weighs in around a feathery 230 grams. And with the system's light weight, a 50-inch power cord, and a helmet mount, the Stella becomes perfect for helmet mounting. So, you'll always have your light pointed precisely where you need it. Hidden inside the body of the light is a pair of bi-conic reflectors. And in case you're wondering what that means, basically, the full output of each bulb is directed towards your field of vision by reflective elements inside the light. The result is bright,...