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Light & Motion Seca 2000 6 Cell Enduro Light
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Riding at night puts a whole new twist on the trails that you know and love. However, bright lights have a tendency make it even better. And with a whopping 2000 lumens on tap, the Light and Motion Seca 2000 Enduro Light certainly qualifies as bright. It gets its light output from six LEDs, which are able to be run at either a medium or low setting in order to boost battery life. Additionally, the six cell lithium ion battery ensures that you'll have all of the run-time that you need. So, if you need bright lights for long rides, the Seca 2000 is ready when you are. Picking up where the Seca 1700 left off, the Seca 2000 Enduro boosts the maximum output by 300 lumens. The result is stadium-level lighting for the trails, so you won't have to slow down when the sun goes down. To achieve this, the light features six of the highest quality LEDs on the market, meaning that you gain both efficiency and power. In the full-strength 2000 lumen setting, you're able to expect an impressive two-and-a-half hours of run time off of a full charge. But, not every situation requires this degree of lighting. For example, while it may be necessary for descents and high speed trails, climbs and slower sections allow you to get by with more moderate output. Accordingly, you have the option to run the Seca 2000 at either a medium 1100 lumen setting, or a low 575 lumen setting. Additionally, you're able to run the 575 lumen setting in pulse mode, for when you're primarily concerned with being seen. And, as you'd expect, reducing the lumen output boosts the run time. Along these lines, you'll get 5 hours in the medium setting, 10 hours in the low setting, and 20 hours in pulse mode. Powering the Seca Enduro is a six cell lithium-ion battery, as opposed to the three cell battery found in the Race model. The additional three cells add about 150 grams to the overall weight, and nearly double the run time in each respective mode. Hidden inside the body of the light is a pair of bi-conic re...