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Mavic Mavic CXR Powerlink Clincher
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Mavic is best known for its rims and wheelsets, but by now, you should be adding tires to that list. You see, the originators of the aluminum rim, Mavic has experience that's unrivaled, so it's little surprise that the French brand has made the leap to incorporating tires into its lineup, and has done it with such stunning success. What we have here is the Mavic Yksion CXR Powerlink Clincher -- the rear mate to the Yksion CXR Griplink front tire. The CXR series is claimed to be the first tire system ever developed in conjunction with a wheelset to maximize the aerodynamic advantage. However, unlike so many aerodynamic components, the CXR Powerlink doesn't sacrifice a bit of the speed, comfort, or reliability that have earned the Yksion series its legions of followers. The reason that Mavic builds the Griplink and Powerlink is that your rear wheel serves a different role on your bike than your front wheel. While this seems obvious, Mavic has significantly improved the handling of its tires by optimizing each tire for its intended use. With the majority of your weight over the rear wheel, minimizing rolling resistance is essential. So, with this in mind, Mavic engineers designed the tire to be highly responsive by using the harder 70a rubber compound down the middle. And since you still need grip on your rear tire while cornering, the soft and grippy 60a durometer rubber cases the sidewalls. The rubber isn't the only piece of technology that makes the Pro Powerlink Clincher a great rear tire. Flat protection is also important while you're training and racing. Mavic uses a high thread count 210 TPI casing throughout the tire, which keeps the tire supple over uneven road surfaces. An additional Kevlar breaker is used under the tread for extra protection. Surprisingly, this addition only adds a superficial amount of weight to the construction. The Mavic CXR Powerlink Clincher weighs around 230 grams. It is available in the size 23mm and in the color Black.