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3T Tornova Pro Handlebar
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So, you've got an appreciation for all things classic, including aluminum handlebars and traditional bar shapes, but you're not quite a retro-grouch, either. If you're looking to step into the 21st century without the associated pitfalls, the 3T Tornova Pro Handlebar is right up your alley. Based off the ever-popular Rotundo, it keeps the traditional bend, and adds an ergonomically flattened top section for enhanced comfort. And since it's built from aluminum, you know it's stiff and durable, while still being light enough to find its way onto pro-level race bikes. This just may be your new favorite handlebar. But it's ok, you can thank us later for the recommendation. We're no luddites, but we do still love the aesthetics and feel of a classic bend bar, and 3T's Rotundo has long been a benchmark in this category. That made the Rotundo the perfect starting point when designing the Tornova's progressive shape. It maintains the Rotundo's long/deep reach, but adds two degrees of flare to the drops, which results in the bottom of the hooks being 1cm wider than the listed center to center measurement. And it's rounded off with a flattened top section that's reminiscent of the Ergosum. It's as if 3T took the best attributes of their handlebar lineup and used them to concoct a bar that satisfies the demands of traditionalists and new-schoolers alike. 3T built the Tornova Pro handlebar out of aluminum for durability. That means you have less to worry about in the event of a crash, as an aluminum bar will tend to fail in a safer, and more obvious fashion than its carbon fiber counterparts. Additionally, you have the option to run clip-on aero bars, like the carbon fiber Tornova Team. And while the aluminum Tornova Pro is the heaviest option out of the Tornova family, the 285g weight is more than light enough to justify its place on workhorse race bikes. The 3T Tornova Pro Handlebar is available in three sizes from 40 to 44cm, and in the color Black Anodized. Please not...