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Lake MXZ 303 Winter Boots - Men's
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Not only has Lake been building cycling shoes for what seems like forever, the iconic brand pretty much pioneered the concept of winter riding boots. So, when we heard that Lake was back at it with the MXZ 303 Winter Boots, needless to say we were excited. While the previous iteration, the MXZ 302, was praised for its warmth, there were a handful of features that held it back from reaching its full potential. Thankfully, with the 303, those irksome details have been weeded out, and what you're left with is a warm, versatile, high top, off-road riding boot that comes into its element once your shoe covers are no longer cutting the mustard. As always, correctly chosen materials are essential for keeping your feet warm when the temps drop below freezing, and there's nothing to worry about with the MXZ 303. The upper is Pittards full-grain leather, which is not only incredibly durable, but it will break in for a perfect fit as well. The outsole is a Vibram offering, with a high-grip rubber compound for walking through snow drifts. Lake also employs Outlast heat reflective technology in the heel and tongue liner. The Outlast inserts retain heat from your feet, releasing it back into the boot when the temperature drops. In other words, they'll keep you warmer for longer. Granted, it shouldn't be an issue, thanks to the 3M Thinsulate insert in the toe box, which blocks wind and keeps your digits warm. And as if this all weren't enough, the insole takes advantage of Thermosol composite insulation. In case it wasn't obvious, these are built to handle everyday winter riding for everything short of an Arctic expedition. Getting snow in your shoes can quickly get the better of even the warmest boots, but with an over-ankle neoprene cuff, that won't be a concern. There's a leather flap where you'd typically find laces, which serves to block out wind and moisture. It's held tight by a BOA ratchet, which enables easy fine tuning of your fit, without the risk of coming loose m...