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Reynolds Stratus Pro Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Retail Price: $900.00
Our Price: $449.95
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Way-too-serious cyclists will tell you that tubular is the only way to go, but you can come right back and tell them that the tubless Reynolds Stratus Pro Wheelset you're running is more durable, more practical, less expensive, and generally more sane. While Reynolds made the Stratus Pro from aluminum, not carbon, it's still stiff enough to race on, with a 28mm rim depth that minimizes weight and zips through the air like it's not even there. It's 21mm wide, too, which provides a sturdy platform for cornering and increased surface area for less rolling resistance. Not only is aluminum more durable than carbon, but it's infinitely more comfortable to ride. It won't transmit unbearable vibrations into your body, and won't make you cringe every time you roll over a pebble or crack in the pavement. Reynolds hooked both wheels up with its in-house hubs, which are available in Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo versions, and placed the spoke nipples on the exterior of the rims for easy maintenance. Finally, and maybe best of all, the Stratus Pro is tubeless compatible. While tubeless tires have taken over the mountain-bike world, they're still unusual on road wheels, but Reynolds made the Stratus Pro with a rim that will seal tightly with tubeless road tires, so you can have the smooth ride, increased durability, and decreased weight that trail riders enjoy.