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Reynolds Stratus Pro Road Wheelset - Tubeless
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You want your wheels to be lightweight and durable, but don't always want to spring the wallet wide open for carbon tubulars. Sure, they're stiff and fast, but they aren't practical for daily training, unless you have a personal sag wagon. Reynold's premier alloy wheels, the Stratus Pro, feature a lightweight, narrow profile laced to Reynold's race hub. They are durable enough for daily training and lightweight and responsive enough for racing. The 28mm-deep aluminum rim makes these wheels just shallow enough to minimize rotational weight, while efficiently cutting through the air. And unlike a full carbon wheel, which may feel a bit stiff for everyday training, aluminum provides a damping interface between the rough road and your body. Nonetheless, the Stratus Pro spin up to speed fast and hold speed on flats and descents. This, of course, is aided by lacing the rims to Reynold's newest racing hub. Speaking of descents, the 21mm rim width of the Stratus Pro creates a sturdy platform for cornering through winding and windy canyons. There are 20 radially-laced front spokes and 24 rear spokes laced in a two-cross drive/radial non-drive pattern. In a design change in 2013, the spoke nipples have been kept on the exterior of the rim, finally easing your service and maintenance. One of the more noticeable characteristics of the Stratus Pro are that they are tubeless ready. For those of you who have heard the term, but do not quite understand the technology, let's run through it. Basically, it is a smaller version of a car tire. Tubeless ready rims have a shaped edge that works in conjunction with a tubeless tire to create an airtight seal. That, and sealed spoke holes mean that the tire may be filled directly with air and an inner tube is not needed. A sealant which is placed inside the tire seals small punctures so that you don't need to replace tubes. Additionally, if you chose to use non-tubeless tires, the Stratus rims also work perfectly well with your traditi...