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Prologo Scratch Pro Tirox Saddle
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Similar to all of Prologo's saddles in the Scratch family, the Scratch Pro Tirox borrows a fairly traditional, round profile. This makes it ideal for riders who tend to stay seated, even for climbs. Its shape, materials, and rail system have all been engineered to provide one of the lightest and most supportive saddles available, making it ideal for both road and XC mountain applications. Prologo chose to build the Scratch Pro Tirox Saddle around its Tirox rail system. This is a light steel rail with a base and clamping zone that are both durable and incredibly stiff -- it's the same composition used in the airspace industries due to its low weight and durable properties. Prologo then attached its carbon fiber injected "skeleton" base to the Tirox rails, creating a supportive foundation that works in conjunction with its multi-density padding. This padding is actually a "system" of varying foam densities that have been strategically placed to provide the optimal blend of comfort and support. The system works to perfectly complement the saddle's round shape, with the composition of padding densities moving along a gradient. At the rear section, multiple layers of high density padding were applied to handle the bulk of a rider's weight. The perineal zone, or central section, incorporates a medium density, which then tapers toward the softly padded nose. To keep the Scratch Pro's cover free from scuffs, Prologo finished off the saddle with its Side Protector bumpers. It's also U-clip compatible, meaning that it will accept a variety of Prologo's clip-on lights and saddle bags. The Prologo Scratch Pro Tirox Saddle is available in 134mm and 143mm widths, and it comes in the colors Full White, Hard Black, Hard Black/white, and White/black.