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Prologo Scratch Pro Nack CPC Saddle
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The Prologo Scratch Pro Nack Saddle combines the race-ready silhouette of the Nago Evo with a profile of an endurance saddle. It's especially well-designed for riders who spend the majority of the time in the saddle, even while climbing. The Scratch Pro Nack has a variable stiffness frame made of injected carbon. Varying the stiffness allows the frame to flex in the middle, which leads to better shock absorption and less rider fatigue. The multi-density foam used on top of the frame follows the same principles. A softer padding lines the midsection, while a firmer padding is placed across the paddle (the widest portion), where you sit. Firmer padding not only supports the sit bones, but it also reduces "bouncing," which robs power transfer to the pedals. The saddle is set upon Nack rails. These are carbon fiber woven with Kevlar, and they are interspersed with aluminum particles for added durability. The round profile of the Scratch Pro Nack is one version of the three profiles Prologo manufactures. The rounded design provides even contact with the saddle across the sit bones, thereby minimizing hotspots. In conjunction with the round shape, the Easy Stroke Design (ESD) transitions the widest part of the saddle into deep leg cutouts. This exaggerated silhouette reduces friction points along the inner thighs and helps transfer power more efficiently to the pedals. This endurance saddle was finished off with a tough microfiber cover that resists scratches and abrasion. Prologo's Scratch Pro Nack Saddle is 134mm wide, and it comes in the colors Hard Black and White/black.