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Fi'zi:k Thar Saddle
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Twenty-niners are here to stay. They brought with them a whole new geometry and the need for cockpit components that address the unique body position of the rider. Fi'zi:k's Thar saddle was specifically developed to give you more versatility with your position when you're on a 29er. The profile of the Thar is flat and the saddle is a narrow 125mm. These distinctions allow you the ability to move around the saddle as needed to shift weight for climbing or descending. There is no upturn at the back or channel in the center that locks you into place. Additionally, the narrow design allows your legs to slip right past the wings of the saddle increasing pedaling efficiency. The shell of the Thar was constructed from carbon-reinforced nylon to provide a stiff platform to support your sit bones. Fi'zi:k included its replaceable Tuner Insert as a part of the shell of the Thar saddle. This is an interchangeable screw-on tension system that allows you to customize the flex in the saddle. It is available in two types: soft and hard. The entire length of the saddle was covered in durable microtex fabric. The most striking differences in the Thar saddle are the extra-long rails. These have a full 95mm of adjustability and allow you to postion your saddle forward to accommodate the more compact sitting position afforded by the larger wheels. The Fi'zi:k Thar Saddle is 265mm long and 125mm wide, and is available in three colors: Black/red, Black/white, and Black/black.