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Wilier Zero.7 Road Bike Frame
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Italian exotics have always tapped deeply into our senses. Seriously, who didn't have a 308 GTS or a Countach on their wall as a youngster And if you grew up on two wheels, Bimota and Aprilia offerings were just as lust worthy. The Wilier Zero. 7 Road Bike Frame carries on this tradition, though its matte finish is understated in comparison to the sort of flashiness we're used to from Italian designers. It looks more like a high tech project bike, which isn't far from the truth. A close look will reveal some, but not all of the structural details that make the Zero. 7 such an astounding performer on the road. The massive down tube and seat tube juncture at the bottom bracket shell begs for attention. The beefiness here is a byproduct of the BB386 EVO bottom bracket system. Where a typical road bottom bracket shell (BB30 included) is 68mm wide, BB386 EVO is a full 18. 5mm wider. The down and seat tubes intersect the shell at greater diameter, giving it greater surface area as a whole. The result is a lighter, stiffer frame with no power-robbing flex. Before you roll your eyes at yet another BB standard, know this: BB386 can be used with any crankset on the market except for BB30. The shell dimensions of 46mm ID and 86. 5mm width might sound familiar. A Pressfit30 shell uses the same 46mm ID. This means that Wilier's BB386 uses an existing, easy-to-source bearing assembly. The 86. 5mm width is the same as a standard BB86 pressfit shell. This ensures compatibility with any typical external bearing crankset using either a 24 or 30mm spindle. What you can't see is that Wilier employs a Special Elastic Infiltrated (SEI) film within the composite lay-up. While this technology has been used in the aeronautical and automotive industry, Wilier has pioneered its use in racing bicycles. The SEI Film enables three things: 1) It increases impact resistance by 35% over a laminate composed of carbon fiber alone. 2) It increases inter-laminar shear strength by 18%. This is sign...