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Louis Garneau Course 2LS Shoes - Men's
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If we were to ask you what's important to you in a cycling shoe, your reply would most likely revolve around the pillars of stiffness, weight, and comfort. However, if we then asked you what shoes embody all three of those design principles We're ready to be conversing with a blank stare. But, if you're ready for shoes that check off all of your wishlist's boxes, let us make a suggestion -- the Louis Garneau Course 2LS Shoes. Garneau updated the Course 2LS' outsole from the Carbon Pro Team's HM X-Lite to the new Exo-Jet Carbon. Not surprisingly, the new outsole features a lighter weight and a higher level of stiffness. However, what we weren't expecting was Garneau's newly patented multi-vent airflow system. This system consists of air channels that run from toe-to-heel. So, you'll always have a source of cooling air over your feet during frustratingly hot summer rides. And while the carbon fiber outsole provides much of the shoes' rigidity, you might be surprised to note that the Exo-Jet features a thinner construction, and thus a lower stack height than the HM X-Lite. Accordingly, the distance from your foot to the pedal is shortened, resulting in a more efficient power transfer. And along the lines of power transmission, Garneau didn't stop engineering it at the the outsole. Like the Carbon Pro Team, the 2LS features Garneau's HRS-300 technology. Essentially, this design revolves around a nylon-injected reinforcement that keeps the heel from shifting. Additionally, Garneau included a polyurethane spandex support inside of the heel cup. So, with the heel position secured, power loss from slippage is nearly eliminated on your up and down strokes. Garneau equipped the shoes with a microfiber upper. And not only does its rigid composition add to the shoes' durability, comfort, and support, but when mated with the 2LS' mesh ventilation windows, it dramatically increases its breathability. And while this all great, the most substantial new feature for Garneau ha...