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Northwave Extreme Tech Mountain Shoes - Men's
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Northwave designed Extreme Tech Cycling Shoes to give you serious pedal power when you need to get out front in a hurry. On top of being some of the lightest shoes on the market, Extreme Tech Mountain Shoes boast an incredibly thin carbon fiber soleplate for instant power transfer, the Speed Lace Winch closure System, and a design program that rivals the research programs at NASA. Northwave built the upper from a single shell of ultralight microfiber to eliminate stitching for the lightest possible weight, the best fit and feel, and virtually no hot spots or chafing. The ventilated carbon fiber soleplate is thin and boasts a weight of just 60 grams. Despite this light weight, Northwave didn't forget how rough it can get out there. Thermo-welded polyurethane reinforcements at the toe and the sides of the uppers protect your feet from stones, branches, and other trail debris. Northwave used BioMap (Biomechanical Mapping) analysis to design the Extreme Tech Cycling Shoe. Athletes are tested extensively to help Northwave design products that work in perfect synergy with the body's systems. This testing ensures optimal fit, comfort, and performance. Biomap testing contributes to every design aspect of the shoes, including cut design and material selection. What all this means is shoes that work with your body to optimize performance. The S. B. S. (Step By Step) ratcheting system provides stable closure that won't come undone or loosen while you ride. It allows you to dial in a precise fit so you can maximize pedaling efficiency without having to deal with hot spots and blisters. Extreme Tech shoes also incorporate Northwave's proprietary Speed Lace Winch System, which allows you to adjust the fit of your shoe while you're on the bike so you can easily accommodate any swelling that might occur on longer rides. The carbon fiber soleplate is much lighter than other, less costly sole materials. It also allows Northwave to reduce sole thickness for direct power transfer f...