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Stan's NoTubes ZTR Crest 29 Disc Rim
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The Stan's No Tubes ZTR Crest 29 Disc Rim is made for cross-country riding and racing and the overall rim weight underscores its intended usage. However, the inside rim width is 21mm which makes the Crest 29 a great rim if you like to run a bigger tire on your XC bike. Maybe you have a hardtail, or a singlespeed and some extra tire volume is what you're after. The 21mm width allows any tire, not just bigger tires, to have straighter sidewalls, a larger volume for more comfort, and a greater footprint for more traction. As Stan's No Tubes continues to improve their BST, or bead socket technology, their rim weights continue to plummet. Do the two factors go hand in hand Stan's says they do. As they trim the fat from the outer portion of the rim -- the sidewall and bead hook, they can add material as needed to the wall thickness to make the ZTR Crest 29 tough enough for racing, yet lighter than the ZTR 355 29er rim. BST means that the rim itself has shorter sidewalls. This makes them stronger, more ding resistant, and lighter. The inside of the rim is perfectly matched to the bead seat diameter of a 29" tire. This makes the tubeless seal a good one, though the tires will be a very tight fit on the rim. In our experience, a set of thin but flat levers works best for installing/removing the tires. To make them tubeless you'll use Stan's yellow tubeless tape and one of their tubeless valve stems or one cut from an old inner tube. Stan's BST tubeless system creates tubeless seals that burp less, leaving you with more air inside your tire and not on your mind. Stan's ZTR Crest 29 Disc Rim is anodized Black or powdercoated White with red decals. The rim joint is pinned, welded, and machined for a true sidewall. They will also work with inner tubes. They have a 605mm ERD. This you'll need if you're calculating spokes for a custom wheelbuild.