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Industry Nine Torch 11 Speed Freehub Body Industry Nine Torch 11 Speed Freehub Body

The Industry Nine Torch 11-speed Freehub Body lets you rig up your road or cyclocross bike with virtually any modern drivetrain system out there. With a spacer, you can run older Shimano/SRAM 9- or 10-speed systems, but without the spacer, you'll find it easy to mount more modern 11-speed...

Price: $190.00

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Mavic Freehub Body Mavic Freehub Body

Mavic makes swappable freehub bodies for most of their rear wheels so you're not permanently married to either SRAM/Shimano or Campy. You can start off with one body with its unique splines, and you can switch to the other fast. The bodies are known in Mavic-speak as FTS-L, or Force Transfer...

Price: $69.99

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PowerTap 15mm Alloy Freehub Body Kit PowerTap 15mm Alloy Freehub Body Kit

Sad but true face: hubs, like every other part of your bike, wear out. You could replace the entire hub, or you could mail to Malaysia (or somewhere equally distant) for service, or you could fix it up with the PowerTap 15mm Allow Freehub Body Kit and be ready to ride again in minutes. Grease it...

Price: $299.99

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Zipp 188 Freehub Body Zipp 188 Freehub Body

If you have a current set of Zipp wheels, they'll come with the new 188 rear hub. It's the one with the preload collar on the left side. Of course, they are available to fit Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo, but we don't think your initial choice of freehub body design should lock you into a component...

Price: $176.00
Sale Price: $110.00

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