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Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
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As part of Mavic's SSC series, the Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Tubular Wheelset has been engineered to excel in a variety of racing conditions. Whether you're pedaling through cobbled streets or over muddy mountain passes, the Cosmic Carbone is an aero, full-carbon wheelset built to carry you swiftly to the podium. For the Cosmic Carbone Ultimate, Mavic incorporated wind tunnel data alongside pro-rider feedback to create an aerodynamic wheel that can ride it all. The wheelset features 40mm elliptical rim sidewall made with monobloc full carbon construction that results in an incredibly stiff and responsive wheel in any condition. Mavic also uses rim-to-rim spoke construction for improved aerodynamics. This cuts the number of spokes needed in half on the front wheel and the drive side of the rear wheel. Mavic uses a unidirectional carbon for the spokes, which provides improved power transmission and better dampening when compared to woven fiber spokes. The Cosmic Carbone Ultimate runs on Mavic's QRM bearing system, which allows the rider to dial in the hubs without having to remove the wheels. Mavic also uses the FTS-L system in the rear wheel to reinforce the contact area between the pawl and hub body, thus creating more stability and greater efficiency. Finally, Mavic includes GripLink/PowerLink front and rear specific tubular tires with the wheelset. With a 210 TPI, you'll be able handle any corner on these tires with ease. The Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Tubular Wheelset also comes with BR601 titanium quick-releases, a wheelbag, Mavic carbon compatible brake pads, valve-extender, computer magnet for the front wheel, multifunction adjustment wrench, and a user guide.