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Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
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When Mavic engineered the Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Tubular Wheelset it was with the explicit purpose of creating a wheelset that would both dominate mountain stages and snatch victories in the Spring Classics. As part of the SSC series, these wheels have been tested by some of the world's best cyclists to see how they hold up against varied racing conditions. Regardless of what peloton you find yourself riding in, the Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Tubular is the aero, full-carbon fiber wheelset that you want under you as you dance your chain through stage races, cobbled roads, and triathlons. Following in the same design path as the Cosmic Carbone 80 Wheelset, the Cosmic Carbone Ultimate benefits from shared technology with hyperaero light wheels. Using wind tunnel data and feed back from the pro peloton, Mavic did its homework on how to build an aerodynamic wheel that's hard to beat. Built to ride it all, the 40mm elliptical rim sidewall is made with monobloc full carbon construction, using a single piece of continuous carbon fiber for an incredibly stiff and responsive wheel in every imaginable scenario. Keeping in line with the aerodynamic construction, Mavic uses rim-to-rim spoke construction to cut the number of spokes needed in half on the front wheel and the drive side of the rear wheel. Instead of using a woven carbon fiber for the spokes, Mavic went with a unidirectional carbon. Known for its stiffness when loaded on its axis, the fibers run continuously in the direction of the defined load path, wrapping to the center of the hub and increasing the stiffness of the wheel. These spokes transmit force and provide better dampening than traditional stainless steel spokes or even woven fiber spokes. The Cosmic Carbone Ultimate front wheel runs on Mavic's super-smooth QRM bearing system. This micro-adjustable bearing preload system is also found on the rear hub, allowing the rider to dial in the hubs without removing the wheels from the bike. The rear wheel als...