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Crank Brothers Candy 11 Pedals
Retail Price: $350.00
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Crankbrothers' new design for the Candy 11 Pedal features a more durable and lightweight construction, making it the perfect clipless pedal for pro-level XC/race applications. The new Candy 11 uses aluminum for the body and titanium for the retention wings, spindle, and inner sleeve to maximize strength without sacrificing weight. The alloy body provides a larger platform than the Eggbeater. Like the Eggbeater, though, the Candy 11 offers 6 of float and includes two-bolt cleats compatible with any mountain bike shoe. Crankbrothers' brass cleats feature a subtle asymmetrical design, offering you a 15 or 20 release angle depending on how you install them. Also, the softer brass cleat ensures that the pricier parts in the retention system don't wear first. Also, the Candy 11 can be easily disassembled, so servicing the pedals is quick and convenient.