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Shimano 105 BR-5700 Brakes
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Shimano's 105 group has always been the go-to line of components for budget-minded riders and racers. 105 components have always carried Shimano's most important innovations, but sometimes the integration of the really high-end stuff takes a year or two to make it to 105. We've always been huge fans of 105 because it makes really nice, high-end bikes accessible to the average rider. Like the rest of the 105 line, the BR-5700 Brakes weighs a few grams more than its Dura-Ace and Ultegra brethren and lacks a few bells and whistles. But when it comes right down to it, 105 components are Shimano's workhorses, and the best way to bring high performance to the racers of tomorrow. The most important innovation that this year's 105 brakes shares with its more expensive siblings is Servo-Wave, a lever design that increases the amount of cable pulled with a given amount of lever movement. This improves modulation and braking power. It also allows you to set the brakes up in a manner that the pads sit farther away from the rim when not in use. This extra clearance is key in wet conditions and also helps when a wheel is knocked out of true. Servo-Wave also means Shimano has redesigned the arms. In addition to curves that work better with the increased cable pull at the lever, they've redesigned the arm that houses the cable stop. This arm has been moved and the stop angle changed for better cable routing, which has the effect of reducing cable friction. The arm position also reduces the likelihood of the brake slamming against your down tube on those rare occasions when your front wheel flips hard to the right. Additionally, Shimano has improved its SLR design so that the arch pivot location provides a quicker linear response. Shimano has also improved its braking compound. The new compound improves braking power by 20% in the dry and 100% in the wet. The spring tension in the calipers can also be adjusted to get a feel that's more in tune with your braking style. Brake sh...