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Lezyne CNC Floor Drive Floor Pump
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A sparkly, shiny floor pump catches our attention. It looks good, like a utopian view of tools, like something that maintains a sleek modernity no matter what. If we're discussing the Lezyne CNC Floor Drive Pump, no matter how much grease gets on it, no matter how much it is used and abused, it will not only look good, but last and last and last. What makes the pump so durable is the CNC-machining. Every pump part is aluminum and every part is finished by precise machining. This goes for the base, the barrel, the piston, and the handle. It also works well because of everything else. There's a 2. 5-inch diameter dial that reads up to 220psi. The rubber hose is 43 inches (130cm) long. At the end of the hose is a flip-thread chuck, a reversible head for both Schrader and Presta valves. It has a button for bleeding air, which Lezyne calls ABS (Air Bleed System). The pump comes with a Speed Chuck, a thread-on slip-fit Presta head with a 90-degree angle to fit the head into the valve port on disc wheels. The Lezyne CNC Floor Dive Pump measures 5. 9 x 7. 9 x 25in (15 x 20 x 63. 5 cm). The handle is 9. 5in. The interior diameter of the barrel is 28mm, which means the pump has been optimized for high-pressure applications. It has a claimed weight of 3. 2lbs (1. 45kg). The colors are Red and Silver.