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NiteRider Pro 3600 LED Light
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You've probably never imagined a need for a 3600 lumen light. But, when you're soloing through pitch-black aspen trails, a light that's three times brighter than a car headlight sounds pretty good -- that's where the NiteRider Pro 3600 LED Light comes in. Whether you're an amateur or a professional endurance racer, the 3600 light will be your saving grace after the sun goes down. The first thing that you'll notice about the Pro 3600 Light is its double-headlight appearance. Two light chambers each house three Cree XML LED bulbs that're capable of delivering up to 1000 lumens a piece. Instead of projecting a direct beam, the two light chambers, and six bulbs, broadcast a massive halo of light when turned to the full 3600 lumens. However, lower light settings also maintain the halo effect by projecting light over a wide area. To keep the light from overheating, fanning gills have been positioned on the sides of the body for both ventilation, and to be sure that it doesn't microwave your nutrition bars. Since LED lights produce an incredible amount of heat, the Pro 3600 uses a Borofloat lens on the front of the light -- this isn't your average flashlight glass. Compared to the boilerplate tempered glass, NiteRider uses Borofloat, a form of borosilicate glass, that won't shatter when your hot light falls into a cold stream after a jump-gone-wrong. Because the Pro 3600 is meant to be used during competitions, NiteRider leaves the settings up to you with its incuded DIY software. The light settings are entirely customizable, so you decide what levels or flash modes are programmed in. Want 3600, 1800, 700, and an SOS flash pattern Not a problem. The customizable software puts the full power of the 3600 in your hands. And though some may balk at the 1. 5 hours of battery life that the eight cell Hi-ion battery has when used on full power, the only time that you need that many lumens is when you're descending. During a climb, you can use one of your custom settings t...