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NiteRider Lumina 550 Light
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Even before daylight hours grow shorter, sometimes the quietest time to train is just before the dawn -- empty roads, chirping birds, fresh, crisp air, and of course, darkness. Enter NiteRider's Lumina series. Compact, cordless, and USB rechargeable lights ensure that you'll see every bump in the road, every time that you ride. The Lumina 550 Light will keep you riding all winter long. Niterider's Lumina 550 is the mid-line of the Lumina cordless series, sitting between the 350 and the 700. The LED bulb and lithium-ion battery were encased in a sleek, weatherproof, and single-piece shell in order to avoid a mid-ride blackout. It features four solid light levels -- high, medium, low, and walk. Depending on your setting, the light will last 1. 5 hours at 550 lumens, 3 hours at 250 lumens, 6 hours at 150 lumens, and 18 hours at 40 lumens Unlike headlights with cords, the Lumina 550 can't shake loose from its battery while traversing rough roads. A quick-release mount holds the light securely in any riding condition, and it accommodates bars up to 31. 8mm in diameter. It's the perfect light for either commuting or as a backup to a corded system. The NiteRider Lumina 550 Light comes with a USB charger. Charging it from your laptop at work takes about 5. 5 hours. The entire assembly weighs in around 126 grams.