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CycleOps Fluid 2 Power Training Kit
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Riding your bike indoors is less than fun. Sure, you put in a few movies, or blast the music, but nothing reminds you more that you aren't outside and that you probably aren't maximizing those indoor miles. CycleOps knows how hard it is to focus indoors. Its Fluid 2 Power Training Kit is an affordable, yet highly effective indoor training system that also features power numbers. Now, instead of staring at re-runs or worse yet, the wall, you'll focus on your riding First, this training kit includes the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer. What makes a fluid trainer different from a magnetic trainer Well, the resistance unit, rather than being a giant magnet, is encased in hydraulic fluid. Unlike a magnetic unit, where the resistance is external and variable, a fluid trainer relies on pedal speed to increase resistance. Therefore, the harder you pedal the more resistance you experience. Additionally, CycleOps uses Power Band technology that makes the level of resistance also a function of gearing and cadence. This gives you a range from 20watts to 725watts, with a single trainer. The Fluid 2 has a cooling mechanism so that no matter how many watts you produce, you won't see billows of smoke. The Fluid 2's 2. 75in roller means you'll have a smoother ride with less tire wear. It features a wide, stable base so that you'll feel secure on any surface and asymmetrical leveling feet ensure you'll always be balanced. The rear wheel mounts easily and a simple cam-lever tightens the resistance unit around the skewer. You won't have to readjust your bike every time you put it on the trainer. Sprint, jump, and timetrial without the worry that you'll pull the rear wheel out of the trainer. The coolest feature of the Fluid 2 Power Training Kit is the addition of power. The included PowerCal Power Meter and a Joule Cycling computer are the world's first ever power-based meter calculated from heart rate. The algorithms in PowerCal translate heart rate data into the vernacular of ...