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CycleOps 420 Pro Indoor Cycle
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If you live someplace where you're homebound all winter, you'll want the most effective training tools possible for maximum off-season gains. The CycleOps 420 Pro Indoor Trainer not only solves all challenges to training indoors, its plethora of features allows you to simulate everything from the natural ride feel of rollers to hard sprint intervals usually reserved for a trainer. The 420 Pro Indoor Cycle comes with a PowerTap powermeter in the rear fly wheel as standard equipment. With the power readings, you'll get accurate digital feedback to know exactly what your effort is, not just what it feels like. You're also able to use a an ANT compatible computer, like the Joule 2. 0, to communicate wirelessly to the PowerTap hub. And if you choose to use the aforementioned Joule 2. 0 on your bike outdoors, it will also communicate with any other ANT powermeter and/or cadence and speed sensors. Please Note: This particular PowerTap in the rear flywheel operates on a narrow portion of the frequency range within the full breadth of ANT. This means that, even though computers like the Joule 2. 0 are easily used to detect other powermeters, you may or may not be able to substitute another ANT CPU to read your power data on the 300 Pro Indoor Cycle. If you choose to use the Joule, though, you're able to track a variety of information as you ride. In real time, you'll view your power in watts and w/kg and see your current, average, and max. For interval training, you'll find the power zone, average power zone, and max power zones to be effective data gathering. For peak power, you can view data in five second, five minutes, and twenty minute increments. You'll also gain access to WKO metrics like training stress score, normalized power, and intensity factor. Work is measured in kilojoules and kilojoules per hour for the power minded, and also in calories for the days where you just want a rewarding workout. Other useful readings include your current, average, and ma...