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Park Tool Digital Scale - DS-1
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Admit it -- you really, really wanna know. How much does you bike weigh Is it really as light as you think The Park Tool DS-1 Digital Bicycle Scale divines the truth, for better or worse. The precision of the DS-1 is second-to-none. It can measure anything up to 55lbs (it can go metric if you prefer), and its accuracy is rated to 0. 005%. Its LCD display is easy to read and it can weigh doo-dads as light as 20g. You can set it to display weights in grams, ounces, or pounds. The brilliant thing about the DS-1 is that you can cinch it in a Park Tool workstand clamp for weighing things like wheels or frames. And it comes with a loop to hang higher when you weigh your bike. A silicone-coated hook protects your frame's finish and prevents it from sliding. For small parts you can hang a tray or a bag on the hook and re-zero it to tare the weight. It's built with a rugged, shock-resistant rubber housing to endure the typical abuse of a bike workshop. Batteries are included, and it comes with a 1 year warranty. Silicon coated hanger prevents damage to finishesMeasures and displays kilograms to . 02 kg (. 02 kg = 20 grams)Measures pounds to 1 oz (1 oz = 28. 35 grams)Weight limit of 25 kilograms (55 pounds)3 batteries not included