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Borealis Bikes Yampa XX1 Complete Bike
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While Borealis Bikes aren't exactly what we'd call light, the manufacturer's suggestive name is impossible to resist playing on. So we'll call the Yampa XX1 Complete Bike a northern heavy and call it good on the pun front. The inclusion of SRAM's flagship XX1 drivetrain means "heavy" doesn't translate to "slow" -- just "fat." And in this case, "fat" means "ride virtually anywhere, on any surface, at any time of year." The Yampa's frame is carbon fiber, which will only seem like an unnecessary luxury until you're stomping through boggy mud or snow-covered trails and every watt spent fighting frame weight and flex is one fewer directed into the trail. With an XC-worthy 1,270g of claimed weight, the frame itself isn't exactly a Clydesdale. The oversized chainstays certainly live up to the fat designation, though, with their girth contributing to efficient power transfer. The anorexic seatstays are decidedly not fat, which adds a bit of mechanical compliance to complement the Yampa's plush Surly tires and carbon's natural damping tendencies. The Yampa's almost-comical 4. 8in tire clearance warrants some pretty big hubs (190mm in the rear), so Borealis took matters into its own hands by building them itself. The fork is also Borealis, combining carbon fiber and a 15x135mm thru axle to take advantage of the frame's tapered head tube for stiff efficiency and confident tracking through muck. Despite its enthusiasm to apparently dabble in every aspect of its bikes, Borealis does finally yield the stage for rims (Surly), the cockpit (TruVativ and WTB), and the drivetrain (SRAM's revolutionary XX1).