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Reynolds MTN R27.5 XC Wheelset
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For a while there, it was looking like 29-inch wheels were the clear leader in cross country racing. However, over the past few seasons, 27. 5-inch wheels have been making inroads, even taking victories at the highest levels of competition. So, if you're after the improved response and reduced weight that the mid-wheels provide, the Reynolds R27. 5 XC Wheelset is right up your alley. Featuring a fully-redesigned hub set, as well as a refined rim construction, these wheels come in around an impressively light 1580 grams per set, making them downright svelte. However, don't mistake these for some flimsy race stock nonsense. In fact, these are ready and waiting for rough trails and heavier riders. The news with the R27. 5 XC wheelset is a brand new rim. They're 25mm wide at the outside, and they feature a generous 20mm internal width. Essentially, this means that they'll provide a round profile for your cross country tire of choice. Tubeless compatibility has also been refined, with an enhanced bead hook and a deeper middle section to make tire swaps a bit easier. Furthermore, the extensive aerodynamic experience from Reynolds' composite wheels program makes its way into the R series alloy rims, which means that these hoops will cut through the air with a bare minimum of drag. They're laced to all new Reynolds straight-pull disc hubs that utilize replaceable end caps, making them compatible with most modern axle standards. The rear hub employs a redesigned alloy freehub that places the pawls in the hub shell, and by doing so, Reynolds was able to increase the size of the ratchet mechanism to enhance durability. The hub shell is a straight-pull affair, which improves stiffness, while making replacing broken spokes a snap when the time comes. One of the most noteworthy features of this hub set, however, is its adaptability to nearly any axle standard. Both the front and rear hubs employ push-on end caps, which makes swapping from a quick-release skewer to a modern t...