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Reynolds 90 Aero Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
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The iron-hard events of top-level tri competition are about as forgiving as their names suggest, so don't show up unprepared on the bike leg. Reynolds' 90 Aero Carbon Road Wheelset confers nine centimeters of aerodynamic advantage to your ride, taking some of the sting out of those 56 or 120 miles of controlled, two-wheeled suffering. The 90 Aero rims feature Reynolds' Disperse Effect Termination (DET) shaping, which shuts down the unruly turbulence parties that air lamina throw at your expense, reattaching the air to the surface in an orderly, phlegmatic fashion. The rim bed beefs out to 26. 2mm to level with the tire to reduce drag and increased lateral rigidity and comfort. This swollen girth tapers to a sharp trailing edge to reduce the amount of stall in the wheel's wake at up to 20 degrees of yaw, which exceeds the competition and accounts for the angles of resistance that you'll encounter during 95% of your time in the saddle. The DET shape also dodges the side force of cross winds by relocating the center of pressure behind the center of mass, so handling in gusty conditions stays predictable. They can't match the stability of box section clinchers, but the Aero 90 wheels won't throw you across the road when the wind picks up. The Aero 90 effectively addresses two other common concerns with carbon rims: braking and reliability. When paired with the iconic Cryo-Blue Power brake pads, the Cryogenic Glass Transition (CTg) braking surface keeps temperatures low by acting as a heat sink, reducing the risk of the carbon violently deforming during periods of long, intense braking. The rims are also built to the standards of Reynolds' Carbon Rim 6 (CR6) philosophy, which targets different materials to six different parts of the rims depending on load-bearing and power-transfer requirements.