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RockShox SID XX World Cup Fork - Solo Air 100 29in MaxleLite15
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RockShox's World Cup products are the peak of SRAM's research and design efforts, featuring race-driven technology and designs. Answering the needs of XC race bikes, the 100mm-travel SID XX World Cup Solo Air 29in with MaxleLite15 tips the scales just a few ounces over 3lbs. But weight is only one part of the equation that makes a fork race-worthy. Essential to 29ers is stiffness. Longer fork legs, combined with the higher leverage that large wheels generate causes deflection during braking and steering. This equates to handling is inconsistent and disruptive. RockShox solves the flex issue with an integrated, tapered carbon fiber steerer and crown structure, thru-axle, and carbon Power Bulge. The hollow, one-piece carbon fiber crown and tapered steerer is the World Cup SID chassis' secret to superior strength and stiffness, and it drops a good deal of weight compared to its aluminum counterpart. The crown is bonded to low-friction, anodized 32mm aluminum upper tubes with sag gradients in order to assist in finding the perfect settings. Another detail that makes the SID stiff are the PowerBulges around the lower bushings. These eliminate deformation of the cast-magnesium lowers, ensuring smooth action and less bushing and stanchion wear. Tying it all together is the 15mm Maxle Lite, an easy-to-use quick-release thru-axle that boosts stiffness without adding any significant weight. The final elements to a race-ready fork are the damping and pre-load systems. For the SID XX World Cup, RockShox specs its XX DNA Motion Control Damper system -- the finest that it offers. This system uses RockShox's Dual Flow technology, which features separate circuits for high- and low-speed compression, as well as beginning- and ending-stroke rebound damping. This allows the fork to be sensitive to stutter bumps, while also soaking up bigger hits. So, you're in control, and you're comfortable at all times. The beginning-stroke rebound is user-adjustable via an aluminum knob that'...