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Getting around town doesn't have to be a daunting endeavor, and bikes like the Civilian Ramble give you a well-thought-out transportation alternative. Commuter bicycles need to be durable, and only need minor maintenance. You should be able to run out the door and throw a leg over it without second guessing your gear, the weather, or how you're going to carry everything. The Ramble does all this, and offers a ride that dampens broken pavement and is energetic when you stand up on the pedals. This is because the frame is crafted from a high-tensile, double-butted tubeset. This springy material, unlike aluminum, absorbs vibration so your ride is nice and smooth. The durable steel frame is covered with a quality finish, and is ready for a long life locked to racks and getting you to your destination in inclement weather. Essential to the Ramble's reliability is its single-speed drivetrain. The lack of shifters and derailleurs means less maintenance to keep you off the bike. Life locked up to a bike rack can include all kinds of damage; one common occurrence is a clumsy cyclist bumping into your bicycle while you're away-- leaving you with a bent derailleur and limping home. The gear ratio is 46 x 18, which is sufficient for getting around most metropolitan areas. The alloy cranks are 170mm long on 52 - 56cm frames, and 175mm on the larger ones. Weather doesn't always cooperate, and for that reason this dedicated commuter comes with lightweight aluminum fenders. Sturdy wheels consisting of polished aluminum double-wall rims laced to high-flange, bolt-on track hubs ensure durability. The 32 hole rims and hubs are laced with 14g spokes and brass nipples. This combination is very common, so finding parts in a pinch will be easy. The wheels are wrapped in 700c x 28mm Kenda tires. They are larger volume compared to 23mm road bike tires, and provide more shock absorption and a wider contact patch for better traction. A lightly padded Velo Saddle wont inhibit your pedaling...