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Michelin 26in Airstop Presta Mountain Tube Michelin 26in Airstop Presta Mountain Tube

While we often stand on our soapbox to advocate tubeless technology for mountain bike tires, the truth remains that we always carry tubes with us on serious adventures into the backwoods. At that point we want something economical and reliable. These Michelin MTB Airstop Presta Tubes are all of...

Price: $8.99
Sale Price: $7.19

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Michelin Aircomp Butyl Ultralight Tube - Road Michelin Aircomp Butyl Ultralight Tube - Road

Far more airtight than latex inner tubes, Butyl tubes won't require you to reach for your pump before every ride. Michelin Aircomp Butyl Ultralight tubes weigh just 80 grams and offer confidence-inspiring durability on the open highway. These also come in three valve stem lengths--40mm, 52mm, or...

Price: $9.00

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Michelin Airstop Cyclocross Tube Michelin Airstop Cyclocross Tube

With your tubulars tucked safely away for race day, the last thing you want to get in the way of a training ride is an ill-timed flat from lightweight tubes better suited for road hill climbs. With thicker rubber, the Michelin Airstop Cyclocross Tube weighs a little bit more than super...

Price: $5.59

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