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Pinarello ROKH 30.12 Think 2/Shimano Ultegra Complete Road Bike
Price: $3750.00
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With a collection of road machines claiming more grand tour wins in the last few years than any other manufacturer, Pinarello decided to pour its winning recipes into a new, wide-audience-reaching, gran fondo-esque design. Called the ROKH 30. 12 Think 2, this all-around machine was designed with the same proven materials as Pinarello's race bikes, only it relies on a more elongated geometry, a relatively long wheelbase, refined seatstays, and clearance for wide tires to comfortably take on a variety of on- and off-road riding adventures. While the ROKH 30. 12 Think 2/Shimano Ultegra Complete Road Bike was built as a "Classics bike," it still possesses the signature Pinarello responsiveness, stiffness, and stable handling embodied by the Dogma line. This is due to the ROKH utilizing many of the purebred racers' tube shapes, with the proven Onda fork and asymmetric design being the frameset's foundation. What you'll notice that's different, however, is the somewhat slackened top tube and head tube, along with the slender curvilinear seatstays. This was all done in order to provide a slightly upright position on the bike compared to Pinarello's race bikes, along with tube shapes that place compliance high up on the list of overall ride characteristics. The ROKH relies on an advanced carbon fiber called 30HM12K -- meaning that it's built to withstand 30 tons of pressure per square centimeter. While not quite as light and stiff as the carbon used in the Dogma line, 30HM12K is still exceptionally rigid, low in weight, and it provides a smooth ride quality. Strong carbon, of course, allows for the use of less material as a whole, which results in keeping the overall weight as low as possible. Pinarello also integrated a 1. 5-inch lower headset bearing into the ROKH. This allows a larger diameter steerer tube at the fork crown. The resulting benefit for you is a boost in front end stiffness in order to give you more predictable braking and a more precise steering feel...