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Orbea Avant M-LTD Complete Bike
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Taking a detour away from the well-established Orca race collection, Orbea's new line of Avant bikes were designed to be the ultimate go-everywhere, do-anything road machines. The versatile new frame platform derives its name from the Pax Avant Pyrenean Challenge, which is a 191km gran fondo event honoring a peace agreement between the people of neighboring Pyrenean valleys. In order to efficiently handle this type of adventure, Orbea's engineers designed the Avant with a completely new geometry and a host of intuitive features that allow riders to fully customize the bike to their specific riding needs. Topping the list are fender and rack mounts, the ability to run up to 28mm tires, the option of choosing either rim or disc brakes, as well letting you cleanly run either electronic or mechanical shifting systems. The Avant M-LTD Complete stands in as the flagship model, accompanied by a carefully-selected build kit designed to handle your most demanding riding expeditions. Starting with the Avant's geometry, Orbea's engineers leaned on a more upright position in comparison to the Orca. This is based on one of its redesigned stack-and-reach models, which, at its basic form, means that the seven frame sizes grow proportionately in both stack and reach as frame sizes grow. For reference, frame stack is the vertical length from the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube. Frame reach is defined as the horizontal length from the bottom bracket to the center of the head tube. This geometry serves to correctly fit riders of any stature, regardless of being male or female. The Avant's geometry model emphasizes closer reach/higher stack compared to the Orca, yielding a longer head tube and higher hand position, with the handlebars a bit closer to the saddle. This slightly upright positioning provides the optimal blend of comfort and speed for a variety of cyclists' body types. For the frame's construction, Orbea employed its OMP (Orbea Monocoque Performance) layup....