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Wilier Zero.9 Road Bike Frame
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We were a little surprised when Wilier announced that the Zero. 9 Road Bike Frame shared common ground with both the Cento1 SR and the Zero. 7. After all, these frames are two very different race machines. However, this isn't to say that we were disappointed in the slightest -- have you seen the new Cento1 SR Wilier's design philosophy for the Zero. 9 was simple -- take the most balanced frame in the world, and then balance it for the truly discerning cyclist. As a result, the Zero. 9 combines both futuristic and classical design elements, while still retaining Wilier's signature, built-for-speed ride quality. So, if you're looking for that special mix of classical Italian and new wave carbon fiber, the Zero. 9 is it. Plain and simple. The Zero. 9's geometry mirrors the Zero. 7 precisely from tube lengths to tube angles. Where the two differ is in the actual shape of the carbon tubing. The Zero. 9 takes on a more classical approach to its aesthetic, while the Zero. 7 sheds aesthetics for stage-winning speed and aerodynamics. However, on focus of their shared geometry, the Zero. 9 features the same tight wheel base geometry as the Zero. 7. As a counterpoint to this aggressiveness, Wilier coupled the design with a tapered head tube that's a touch taller than the Cento1 SR. The head tube's height stabilizes the handling of excited frame geometry. In other words, the Zero. 9 is comfortable over the long haul, but unlike a Gran Fondo design, it's more than willing to drop the hammer on cue. The frame balance is further accentuated by the unmistakable, asymmetrical chain and seatstays design. These two sections of the frame are molded from one continuous piece of carbon fiber that flows seamlessly into the top tube. This design, along with the oversized brake mount juncture, creates a rigid rear triangle that delivers direct power transfer with minimal energy dispersion. So, you've seen where the design features of the Zero. 7 overlap with the Zero. 9, but what abou...